Steven T. Olivas, PhD, HSP - Licensed Psychologist

June 01 - July 31, 2020:
I've just entered into a pretty major book project, so will be working a limited schedule until at least the end of July.

Check back for changes to my posted schedule (or shoot me a text); cancellations tend to occur randomly. As always, you can call or text at (615) 473-5909, or you can email me.
Click here to send me a private message, or you can email me directly:
I have been practicing for over 25 years and ran Haven (with Dr. Shawn Stewart, on Music Row in Nashville) for about ten years before leaving to open my own practice in early 2010.While I specialize in treating men and men's issues, I see several women individually and am delighted to see a number of couples and/or partnerships.
Whether you seek individual or marital/couples therapy, I can be your provider. If you're struggling with depression, addiction, anxiety, marital/relational problems, infidelity, or many other psychological/emotional maladies, I am able to help.
If you have tried therapy in the past and had a bad experience, or if you have always felt a little squeamish about entering therapy (or "starting over" with a new therapist?), give me a call or drop me a line and we can talk about it. I understand the reluctance - relationships such as this one are tough to begin. But I think you will enjoy the benefit of our time together if you start the process. Dare to change!
Also an experienced National public speaker, I have conducted "edu-tainment" trainings and speaking engagements in nearly every state across the country. Contact me today for a mental health seminar, keynote address, relationship enrichment workshop, staff development, or team-building. Your group is sure to enjoy the way valuable information is mixed with charm, wit, and humor. Click here for more information.
Here is my office information:
Dr. Steve Olivas                              office: (615) 473-5909
6949 Charlotte Pike                   
Suite 203                                   
Nashville, TN 37209    

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