Steven T. Olivas, PhD, HSP - Available Hours
Steven T. Olivas, PhD, HSP - Licensed Psychologist
Calendar of AVAILABLE hours* during the next week:

Monday, August 20: OUT OF OFFICE

Tuesday, August 21: 8am; 9am; 11am; 2pm; 3pm; 4pm

Wednesday, August 22: 8am; 9am

Thursday, August 23: 9am; 10am; 11am; 12pm; 1pm

Friday, August 24: 9am; 10am; 12pm

Monday, August 27: 9am; 10am; 11am; 12pm; 1pm

Tuesday, August 28: 10am; 12pm; 1pm; 2pm

Wednesday, August 29: 9am; 10am; 12pm; 1pm; 2pm

Thursday, August 30: 9am; 1pm; 2pm

Friday, August 31: TBD

*Updated each night
Cancellations often happen randomly throughout the week, so check back often or CALL/TEXT ME  for updates (I may not have had a chance to list them here).
Remember that my later/evening hours always fill the fastest, so you have a better chance of securing an appointment time if you can see me during regular business hours. Thanks!
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